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What is UTnP

Universal Touch and Play (UTnP) is an open-source project that supports the intercommunication of embedded devices through the touch gesture.

At the moment, the project is on a very early stage and no working product can be found here. However, if you are interested in collaborating, your help will be more than welcome. You can contact the development team by sending an email to:

Versions of UTnP

The UTnP architecture has evolved version after version providing a better support, especially in terms of privacy control.

UTnP v1.0

In UTnP v1.0 there are only two types of devices: sender and receiver. Users are meant to carry a sender that will only transmit a fixed ID. Receivers are embedded on the environment and are used to provide contextual information to the different services. This scenario works in a similar way than RFID tags.

UTnP Sender

You can create a UTnP Sender easily with an Arduino mini pro board. The digital output has to be connected to a couple of copper electrodes (aluminium has produced poor results). The two electrodes will be separated by a thin layer of a dielectric material (silicon works best) and connected through a 10µF capacitor (See illustration).

The final result looks like this:

UTnP Receiver

This section will be added later on.


To obtain more information about UTnP you can read the following documents:
Towards the Tangible Hyperlink
Personal Area Networks (PAN)

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